Species and Nutrition of Guppy Fish – Poecilia Reticulata Fishes


Poecilia Reticulata Guppy Fish 1

One of the most preferred fish species for aquarium enthusiasts, the Guppy fish are a frequent and highly reproducible, wonderful-looking fish. Among the reasons for being loved by fish lovers is that the fishes of Guppy are cute, cheerful and animated.

The guppy fish like to be alone in the aquarium. When they look alone, they become healthier and more vibrant, moving. It is healthier for the guppy fish to be fed as 1 male and 3 female in the aquarium. In the aquarium where the guppies are fed, there should be plenty of greenery. Although they are healthier than they are alone, these fish can also live together with fish such as Moli, Swordfish, Dwarf Stingrays, Apple Snails.

Guppies soon become pups. The breeding of fish can be by laying eggs and giving birth. Guppies are living fish. The guppies may be restless when there are fish leaving eggs in the aquarium. Therefore, the selection of the fish to live in the aquarium should be based on the reproduction patterns.

For the guppies with beautiful tail, the aquarium you need to use is not too big. An aquarium adorned with lush greenery will be enough for him.

These fish species are native to Guatemala and are a cheerful and lively fish species. They are both carnivorous and herbaceous fish. Guppy can get tails when they live with other fish. Due to its long and wide tail, it has problems with many fish. So you have to be careful to choose the right fish for your fish.

Poecilia Reticulata Gupy Fish 2

Guppy Gender Separation

It is easy to distinguish between the female and the male of these fishes. Men are smaller than their teeth. The largest male guppies are 5 cm in size. When the anal fins are wide, you can separate them as females, while when the fins are thin you can split them as males.

Also male gupp become more active and alive in the aquarium.

  • On what conditions should the guppies be fed?
  • There is no need for a very large aquarium to reach 7 cm in length, the largest of these fish. An aquarium that receives water in the range of 45 – 65 liters is sufficient for guppies.
  • The aquarium temperature should be 28 degrees.
  • It should be in a place that lights up 12 hours a day.
  • The ornaments and plants you take into the aquarium should be the plants that he can not eat.
  • There should be a place like a hut where they can hide in the aquarium.

How should guppies be fed?

These fish are both carnivorous and herbivorous, but they are still fed more herbal. Flake food should be used for babies. For the elderly, they can consume freshly boiled vegetables.

Guppies are rare fish that do not feed their own offspring. However, they can eat their offspring when they are hungry for a long time.

How are the rubies?

Guppies can grow after 4 months of age. They can have 20 to 250 pups per plant. The duration of pregnancy lasts about 1 month.