Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs


Dogs indicate pregnancy period and pregnancy

Being pregnant is a condition in which all mammalian females in the environment live. They must be pregnant to bring a new creature to the world. As in other mammals, dogs also have a pregnancy period. In dogs, the pregnancy process lasts approximately 63 days. This time varies according to the dog’s race.


Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

The indication of pregnancy is similar to that of all mammals.

  • Increased appetite
  • Weight gain
  • Rounding of the abdomen
  • Increased sleep
  • Breast tips begin to lengthen
  • The growth of the mammals is among the main specifications of your pregnancy in dogs.

If you have these symptoms in your dog, you should take it to the vet without losing time. You should prepare a care plan for this after learning the final result after veterinary examination.

Methods of Detecting Pregnancy in Dogs

There are three commonly used methods to determine if a dog is pregnant.

  1. Ultrason: It is the most used method for detecting the pregnancy in dogs. If you see signs of pregnancy on your dog and you think you are pregnant, you should go to a veterinarian without losing time. If your dog is pregnant and 21 days have passed, the veterinarian will give you the necessary information about the course of the offspring and your pregnancy using the veterinary ultrasound method.
  2. Echography.
  3. Manual Exam: You can check your dog at home with your hands to see if you are pregnant. For this you need to look into the abdominal area carefully.

The Conditions That You Should Go to the Veterinarian During the Pregnancy Period in Dogs

Dogs should not disrupt their veterinary examination during pregnancy. You should go to the veterinarian immediately in case of some setbacks that may occur during this process.

  • If your dog is vomiting during the pregnancy
  • If you have excessive fatigue in your dog during pregnancy
  • If the pregnancy process lasts longer than 70 days
  • If the birth of your dog started but the puppy was not born despite the strong muscle contraction
  • If your dog’s breeding period lasts 24 hours, you must go to a veterinarian. Otherwise, unexpected and unwanted results may occur for both mother dogs and puppies.

How to Tell When a Dog is Born

The breeds grow well when the dogs do not breed at all. Even when you lightly tighten with your hand, you can even see milk coming out of your mouth.

Dogs become more disturbed as breeding approaches. They start looking for a place where they can constantly give birth. They prefer secluded places when giving birth.

The vulva grows out and the dogs are constantly rolling.

The most important sign of your birth is the fluid from the vulva. This fluid, about 1 to 2 hours before birth, is the reporter of your birth.

How many puppies do dogs breed?

The number of puppies in dogs may vary according to the size of the breeds. Large breed dogs can breed 13 to 14 puppies, while medium breed dogs can breed 5 to 6 puppies. A dog can breed pups from two different dogs as a result of mating with two dogs at once.