Nutrients to be consumed by cats

You can find a list of foods that affect the health of cats in the negative direction under this heading.

Nutrients to be consumed by cats

The nutrients that are harmful to your cat and the effects of these nutrients can be found under this heading.


The fungus comes at the head of the most damaging food to the cats. Fungus is the major nutrient that causes damage to the body systems of the cat and causes them to experience various health problems. Not all varieties of fungus are a variety, but they have a harmful structure to the cat. If you do not want your cat to be poisoned, you should keep it away from the mantel.

Wet Mama

Yes, you did not read it wrong. Wet foods that you give to the catweed from time to time and that they eat with great appetite are actually very harmful to them. First, it contains plenty of salt and additives in it. Wet foods that go through many processes to conserve are at the head of foods that should be kept away from the cat. Your cat loves wet juice and if you do not give it up, you can give wet food 2 or 3 times a month.

Sugar and Sweet Food

We have described the harmfulness of sugar and sugar-containing foods for pets and the health problems that your cat may experience if these foods are consumed in our article titled Sugar Loss for the Cat. You can obtain detailed information on this subject by reviewing the writing.

Çiğ Yumurta

Eggs can affect the health of your kitten positively when cooked, but when it is given raw it can cause your cat to catch bacteria. Also, raw eggs cause the cat to be deprived of the vitamins needed for the body. Because the avidin contained in the egg inhibits the absorption of vitamins, the immune system of vitamins left unaffected is affected and weakens over time.

Bone and Hairy Foods

The cat loves to eat fish and chicken. These foods, which are very useful for their health, can also cause nightmares for your cat. The fine bones and bonbons found in chicken or fish that you give to the catheter can be put on your throat, causing the problem of tearing your intestines to go into your intestines. For this reason, you must eat chicken and fish absolutely free from bones.


Salt is also at the head of harmful foods for the cat. Salt intake can lead to serious health problems that can lead to kidney disease and kidney failure. For this reason, you should keep your cat away from salty gardens.


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