I do not listen to my cat


It is necessary to accept the cats as they are


To love a cat means to accept it first of all as if it is a living thing that is devoted to its command and freedom. But most people complain that they both love kennels and do not do things that are not inherent to the behavior of the cat itself or vice versa. For this reason, let’s start by saying that it is better for people who do not wear writing pads and who are looking for an ornamental baby that will do what they say or sit in a corner like a pillow, instead of a cat.

It is not easy to train the cats

Unlike dogs, dogs are not prone to being trained. In fact, living with the cat is very easy, because it does not need to be trained so that a kitten can relate to a person, adapt to home life, or even know where to make his toilet. The cat adapts very quickly to home life, for toilet training it is probably enough to put it only once in the sandbox. So your cat really does not need to listen to you, because she already knows everything you say to her.

Punishing cats is a big mistake!

My cat does not listen to it, if you think that if I punish him, you will listen! Because punishment may not cause your cat to train you, it can even cause you to lose confidence and love, to get into a strase, even to be aggressive with the cause of stress, to get away from home and become sick.