How to make Koi pool

If you have enough budget, you can make koi pool for landscape specialists. All you have to do is tell the design you want or choose one from the existing designs. Your specialists will do everything for you. They will create a small waterfall, set up a filtration system and set up nice-looking decorations. All you have to do is add the fish you need to the pool and enjoy it. You can start digging your garden if your budget is limited or you say that every business comes in handy and you want to enjoy your own pool. Let’s try to answer the question of how to make koi pool.

Koi Pool Setup

Begin by determining where to make your ornamental pool. The place you set must be safe for your fish, close to the clean water source and the water drain, which does not obstruct the way you walk. This will make maintenance easier. You can give your pool the shape you want. For example, if you want to have a rectangular pool, you can set an area of 2 meters to 4 meters. In fact, rectangular shaped pool is ideal for covering and facilitates coating. You can also give the rectangle a different shape, for example a kidney shape. But beware of structures that have narrow straits. Otherwise, the water will become stagnant in some parts of the pool. Make sure your dick is flat, not conical. Otherwise, it will be difficult to clean the residues that accumulate in the bottom of the pool.

Draw the shape of the pool with a spray paint before beginning digging. This makes it easier for you to decide the final shape of the pool. Then you have to swim the area you have drawn 1.5 meters deep. Maybe it’s the hardest part. It can take 3-4 days. The depth of the pool does not have to be 1.5 meters everywhere. You can make the edges be shallower. At this point you will have a pool that you can step down step by step and where the plants on the edges can dance. You will not have to build a wall around your pool.

After you dig in the area you need to do is to obtain the black color coating produced from the PVC material. Cleaning and assembly of this coating is easy. The cost is more advantageous than other pool coatings and ceramics. The joint will not contain bacteria and seaweed because it is not in between. Of course, if you do not want to experience problems for a long time, you need to choose from quality ones. We do not want to unload and repair a leaking pool completely.

You should also decide whether or not there will be water removal at the bottom of the pool. My thinking is that there is not much need for a water drain that is often blocked. In the next step, wrap the single-piece black vinyl coating on the bottom of the pool in double layers and out the edges. Make sure you leave enough of it on the edges as it will shrink slightly when the water is filled. If you are going to filter a waterfall somewhat away from the basin, you should leave a share for it.

After you have done this, they come to the pool equipment. The first thing you need is filtration. The filter capacity must be sufficient for the pool. The installation of the filter is easy. All you need to do is to dig a hole in it and make pipe connections to the pool. You can also think of getting a pool to protect your pod from rabies such as cats and birds.

If you want to install a waterfall filter, set a suitable location, place the filter at a sufficient height, make the pipe connections and cover it with the ground. Lay the veneer together for lossless flow to the pool of water from the filter, but first shape the waterfall with the soil. Finally, cover the vinyl coating with rock fragments to get a natural look. You may want to fill in the rock fragments to flow over the waterfall, not between the rocks.

When everything is ready fill your pool, make sure that there is no leak and that the filter works correctly. If you do not feel any trouble after 3-4 days, you can cover the vinyl covering over the sides of the pool with rock fragments. Check the amount of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate before putting your fish. If you think that the pond is safe for koi fish, install the nitrogen cycle by gradually adding fish.

You can now enjoy your pool. You can take a look at the article “How to protect the ornamental pond” against intruders who will miss your key. Because your ornamental pool needs to be protected against tearing, such as cats, birds and foxes.

We have come to the end of the article on how to make a Koi pool. You can comment your comments by using your facebook and google accounts or as a member of my site, you can share your experiences. At the Koi Fish Forum you can ask what you are wondering, you can share in the Cold Water Aquarium group.

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