how to look rabbits at home


Rabbits are actually pretty cute, hardworking and friendly animals that are commonly eaten in Turkey. Maybe more of them called “wishes”, we see them in peddlers, but they are also rabbits that can be fed as pets. We can say that the length of their ears, their purity in their eyes and their small noses, are as cute animals as cats. But ultimately, they are also alive and to feed them, we must respect their lifestyles, understand them, and provide them with a living space appropriate for their nature.

Rabbits belong to an animal group called ” crepuscus ”. This animal group lives more nights. I mean, unlike our lifestyle, they sleep at night and become active at night. There are two basic features you need to know about rabbits; dig and dig. They are constantly engaged with digging and nibbling, and when you look at their fingernails, leg styles, dental structures, you can see that they are formed according to these characteristics.

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How should the rabbit care at home?

First of all, if you are feeding an animal at home, this animal species is not important, you should provide a suitable living space, you should respect its habits and styles. Because he took the animal to his house and took him to offer him a living together. So you are taking it home with its own characteristics. This also applies to rabbits, of course.

A rabbit, in order to release it completely at home, requires a proper environment for its habits. For example, if there is furniture, wood, wood, plastics, such as furniture in the room where it is located, this animal will begin to kiss its objects, its furniture, its furniture. So, the rabbit is not an animal that can be completely released at home.

Because it will start to chew the goods that are not suitable for itself, it will affect your own health and your life badly. If you want an animal that is completely free at home, the rabbit is not for you.

If you have decided to feed the rabbit, you should either buy a big cage for it or you should reserve a room for the house. Rabbits are not caged animals in fact, even if you are going to feed the cage, they have to run around for at least 2-3 hours a day. Because they are social animals, constant loneliness is a very bad experience for them. The same is true of rabbits if we can not live completely alone. Their constant stay in cages and our life in prison is exactly the same thing.

In the cage or in the room, making a proper cot will ensure that the rabbit feels comfortable and safe. But you should not forget that the animal will grow all the time and you should not make it too small. On the other hand, cage floors, which are made of iron wires, hurt the rabbits’ pores.
Cages, which are completely flat bases, also cause permanent themes with feces and urine. Thus, a grid-grounded floor suitable for her will make her comfortable.

Among the features that you should pay attention to the cage; the temperature must be between 8 and 24 degrees, not exposed to direct sunlight, always with plenty of water and straw, the cleanliness of the toilet, daily changing, toys that can be caged in the cage, running and running, being able to hide and hide, cardboard parcels or clubs , and in terms of toilet habits, the location of the toilet is not changed. These are extremely important points for the healthy physical and psychological development of the rabbit.

Another important point is the feeding of the animal. Particularly dry and ready-to-eat goods should not be given too much, should be limited to a certain amount. Some plants may be poisonous, you should not feed anything you want or any food you see, no animal. You can give fresh, uncooked greens. You must wash and dry the greens.

Besides, your fingernails need to be cut every two months. Teeth, too, can go too far in a jaw problem that may arise. Regular veterinary checks will reduce your animal’s risk of disease and allow you to intervene early in emerging problems.