Is your pet capricious or whimsical?


Each animal has a distinct character that differentiates it from other animals and from its own species. Knowing the characteristics of your behavior and character will help you to create good habits, eliminate bad behaviors and, above all, play with it and enjoy the time you spend together.

The education you offer will also be one of the pillars that will make your behavior one or the other, avoiding making it capricious. That is why you have to pay special attention to your education and not give him whims to show him affection. The best way for your dog or cat to feel cared for and happy is to share time with them. Take care of your food, hygiene, health, rest, fun and education and you will have a happy pet and a good behavior.

What to do if your dog or cat is capricious with food

One of the capricious behaviors of the most common pets has to do with feeding. It is not uncommon for animals that do not accept any feed or just want to eat treats and prizes. It is learned behavior, not innate in dogs or cats, but do not worry, it has a solution!

We know how frustrating it is that a pet does not want to eat and becomes totally fussy about the food it eats. So we have prepared a series of tricks to discover what you can do if your dog or cat is capricious with food.

First of all is to make sure that you are giving a quality food, a nutritious meal that provides all the vitamins and minerals necessary to be energetic and happy every day. In Tiendanimal we have a catalog with the best brands of cat food and dog food, dry and moist feed that will delight the palate of the most demanding animals.

If your pet is healthy and your food is good and nutritious but still do not eat what you should, try these tips, you will see how your dog or cat regains good habits with food.

Tricks to Feed Whimsical Cats

  • Variety of food. Choose several types of feed and mix in your bowl to enjoy different types of aromas, textures and flavors. For cats, the smell of food, the sensation it produces in your mouth and then in your stomach after having digested it are the most important factors. If the feed meets these three things, your cat will be happy with its food.
  • Amount of food. It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and not offer you more food than you need. Cats like to see the bowl full, so it is advisable to serve the food in small containers that favor the feeling of full feeder.
  • Avoid giving food between hours. Even if they do not want to have a treat or something that you are eating at the time, it is important to stay firm and, for the sake of your cat’s health, not to give anything but your feed at the right times. If you are not strict with the hours of food or the type of food you give it is very likely that your pet will continue to be fickle with food and that it is increasingly difficult to eat what you really need: a high-end feed with A balanced composition of nutrients and that favors a good digestibility.
  • Favor the exercise. When a cat is bored you may lose interest in certain activities, start obsessing over food and do not stop making visits to the refrigerator; But on the other hand, if you keep it active and you favor exercising it will keep you entertained and at optimum body weight.
  • Spend time with him. For your pet to feel how much you love her (without giving her prizes and treats) it is important that you spend time with her, that you share hours of play and affection each day.
capricious dogs
capricious Dogs

Tips for feeding whimsical dogs

  • Offer different feeds. If you think that your dog does not like his food try to give him another type of feed, yes, always top quality. In the market there are many flavors that surely you will love, you just have to find your favorite.
  • Do not give human food. It is essential not to be carried away by the tenderness that inspire your eyes when ordering food, be especially careful when they are puppies, since if you do it capricious since small, adults will be more difficult to solve the inappropriate behavior of human food.
  • Set meal times. Place the feed in its bowl at the same time and remove it after a time (about half an hour), even if it is not finished. Do not give more food between hours, wait for the next shot.
  • Mix additives. You can add certain nutritional additives, such as salmon oil, to your quality feed, you will get another flavor and flavor to your food and, in this way, you will avoid boring your usual feed.
  • Leave the treats for punctual moments. Offer them only as a reward and not every day or at the same time to avoid getting it as something everyday.
  • Feeding. If your dog is very capricious and nothing works, you can try to give him the feed yourself. First with your hand, then leave it on the floor and then in the trough. It is a practice that requires time and patience, but it will also strengthen your bond and help you eat.

If your pet has suddenly become very exquisite with food or has suddenly lost weight, you must take her to the vet, her capricious behavior may be the result of a specific digestive disorder, a dental problem or some other type of illness that the specialist will diagnose.

Is your pet capricious when it comes to eating? What tricks do you use to make you treats? Do you eat leftovers from your food? Do you have a trick to enjoy your meal?