How to install and maintain a fish pond

How to install and maintain a fish pond

If you have a garden and you like fish, what could be better than installing a beautiful pond? The fish will live better than in a small fish tank or aquarium and, in addition, you will give a special touch to your garden. The dimensions will depend on the space you have and you should try to locate it in an area where it receives sunlight, but not directly or throughout the day. With this article, in we offer you some tips on how to install and maintain a fish pond.

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Steps to follow:

Obviously, the first thing we have to do is fill the pond with water. Also, we must add products that eliminate chlorine and heavy materials. We must wait a few days before putting the fish, so that they do not affect the effects of this chemical.

The pond should also be provided with a filtration system that guarantees the cleaning and purification of the water, so that the fish live healthy and always keep the water clean.

Likewise, we will place natural aquatic plants, such as riparian, bottom or underwater plants, including floating water lilies. In addition to serving as a decorative element, these plants will oxygenate the water during photosynthesis; they will offer shade, shelter and food to the fish; and avoid the development of undesirable algae, by competing with them for nutrients.

To avoid the proliferation of the undesirable algae, we will have to avoid that the pond receives an excess of light and heat, change the water periodically and, in many occasions, we will be forced to add algicide products that help us to fight them. In the latter case, you should go to a specialized center and read carefully the instructions of the anti-algae product, as well as respecting the doses so as not to intoxicate the fish and plants.

Also, controls should be carried out periodically to check different water parameters such as pH, hardness or water temperature. Depending on the type of fish you have in your pond, the recommended values will vary.

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  • Avoid the proliferation of algae in your pond.
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