What to feed a golden retriever?


A good diet is the best way for our pet to lead a healthy life, keeping her body strong over the years. This is why we are going to raise you feed a golden retriever to provide you with all the nutrients your body needs. Golden Retrievers are very friendly and playful dogs that love food, so we must control their food very well and not let them eat everything they want.

Suitable food for the Golden Retriever

To know what to feed a Golden Retriever you have to take into account several aspects: its age, its size and the most frequent health problems of the breed. It is important to provide a food according to the stage you are in, differentiating between puppy food, adult dog or senior dog. It is also important to choose a medium or large dog food since your body does not need the same as the body of a mini breed dog. At Tiendanimal you can find all types of feed that have specific ranges for large dogs, as well as for puppies, adults, and seniors.

Common Health Problems

The other important point and to take into account is the predisposition that the race has to suffer certain diseases; Although this does not mean that your dog will suffer any of them, we must take care of your health as best as possible to avoid them. Some of these problems are:

  • Obesity. As we have already mentioned, the Golden Retriever are very gluttonous dogs, anything that you love. This weakness for food can often end up being overweight, so we must take good care of the amount of food daily and avoid giving too much fat.
  • Articulares. Hip and elbow dysplasia occurs very often in them. Being overweight worsens the situation, costing much more to carry so much weight on the joints and causing pain and problems of mobility.
  • Cardiac. Golden Retrievers sometimes develop cardiac pathologies that are dangerous to their health. Choosing a quality meal with nutrients like taurine can delay or avoid these problems.
  • Eyepieces. Hereditary cataracts cause vision loss that may increase over time.


feed a golden retriever
feed a golden retriever

So what about feeding a golden retriever?

High-quality dry feed

Choose a high-end feed, according to your age, to provide all the nutrients you need. Royal Canin has a specific food for golden retriever puppy and adult that meets all the needs of the breed; Eukanuba also has a range for Labrador retriever (suitable for golden). You can also opt for a natural feed such as Taste of the Wild Pacific Canine Stream with Smoked Salmon, which takes care of your intestinal health, your skin and strengthens your immune system through the antioxidant power of the fruits and vegetables that it includes.

The food you choose should provide a diet rich in quality protein and easy to digest. This is achieved with meat as the main ingredient, and not with cereals.

Avoid cereals

Cereals like corn or wheat are not bad for dogs, but they are not necessary in your diet. Choosing a feed without cereals can prevent overweight and allergy or intolerance to these ingredients. If your dog has an adequate weight and does not cause discomfort to the cereals it does not matter if the feed includes them as an ingredient, provided it is not the main.

Avoid giving the leftovers and too many snacks

In many homes it is common to give the food that is left over to the pet. Be careful with this, since the digestive system of dogs is not the same as ours, and something that for us is healthy for them can be harmful. Also, this food may contain fats or sugars that can cause your pet to be overweight.

The same thing happens with the snacks, the goodies for dogs are not thought to give them in quantity. An excess of rewards to your golden retriever can sit you down, causing you to gain weight. You should only give them as a reward and at specific times, to pamper you.

Amount of food and number of shots

The amount of daily food you give your golden retriever should be as advised by the brand. You should never fill your trough and leave it to your disposition. Check the table of recommended amounts, and give the ration you need according to your weight. It is also important to divide the ration twice a day, so you will not eat with such craving because of the large number of hours that pass between food and food. When the golden retriever is a puppy, it is advisable to divide your ration into 3 or 4 shots.

Weight control

As you know, the Golden Retriever is a dog that loves to eat, so you have to control it. Avoid excess feed, homemade food and snacks, offering only the recommended daily allowance and occasional prize. Watch your dog stay at the right weight to avoid obesity and joint problems.