Feathers in Parrots

ONE INDICATIVE OF VERY SERIOUS PROBLEMS. Today, both parrot owners and veterinarians have a parrot disease that makes it very difficult, and that is the problem of the parrot’s own tipping.

Feathering in Parrots or over-scratching is a sign of serious problems in your parrot. The only way you can cope with this problem is to find out what lies under this behavior and to treat that problem. We wish there was a problem underlying this behavior. If you know it yesterday, your success rate will increase in the treatment.

There are many reasons for feathering. Your parrot may have one or more of these.

The main known causes are:

Health problems: Health problems that cause hair loss include allergies, parasitic infections, bacterial infections, internal diseases, abnormal structures in the hair follicles, vitamin deficiencies and hormone related diseases. The list of health problems goes on and on.

Low humidity: Many of our parrots we look at our homes humidity in your gelmektedir.evi from excessive moisture of low put water containers on their way açabilmektedir.kalorif honeycomb to problems in these animals, such as using humidifiers in the home measures can be recommended.

Trouble – Closure in the cage: Birds are energetic animals. Their survivors fly daily in the natural environment and perform their daily activities. Parrots naturally spend about 80% of their days looking for food. They can not come to stay closed in cages for a long time. They have to waste their energy. He should be able to play in the cage, play with his toys. If the wings are touching the cage walls when they open their wings to the side of the cage, they are small for the bird. The cage is often small for toys. Will move to parrot filling the place bırakılmamaktadır.kafes bodies should be kept minimal interior accessories toy accessories vb.gib energy tutulmalıdır..aks outside the cage if they spend their own way.

Unfortunately, we often times we started to tell their own parrot these issues “Nothing annoys, always outside the cage, there’s a lot of cake, you’re bored why” as we remind you that react with karşılaşıyoruz.karşı among us a bird would be enough, we think.

Obsession: Parrots are quite common psychological rahatsızlıktır.obsesyonl birds of the same obsession result of eating constantly quotes, their hands long and continuous washes in gibidirler.bura people suffering from hair before deciding knack state’s obsession is that you should investigate whether another disease.

To attract attention: Parrot Do you begin to commands such as to make rush to the right cage began to pluck their feathers parrot drawing When did this movement you cage the next time the parrot when their feathers if you want to draw your attention plucking the başlayacaktır.böyl the cases Papager your attention elsewhere, his pluck You can condition him by giving him a food he likes with words that praise him when he leaves it. He will learn that he will come up with a reward when he leaves the road.

What to do for feathered birds: It should be investigated whether there is a health problem before behavior problems. If there is no discomfort after the tests to be done, then you should concentrate on behavior problems. However, delay in health control will result in the placement of an animal’s hawking habit and treatment will be difficult.

You can start to make some environmental changes. First, the larger the cage, the cage into the climb can and gnaw be trees, put toys, spraying once or twice a day your parrot with flowers irrigation spray, put a moisturizer on the location, change the location of the cage, next to radio play, asleep to cover the cage as measures to help olmaktadır. papag those We need to sleep for at least 12 hours. In order to provide this, we can make suggestions to carry over a place that is not too loud and cover the cage.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to the problem of feathering. You need to be careful. You should make decisions about your parrot with your veterinarian. Whatever the image of your bird you should continue to love it. In some birds, the problem occasionally arises and disappears. In the past, the feathers may never come back.



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