Do dogs enter the sea?

There is no anti-allergic dog raki.

One of the most common problems with dogs is dog allergy. There are even people who are very fond of sharing their life with a dog because of this allergy that occurs in some people as an extreme sensitivity to dog feathers. For this reason, many people are wondering if there is any anti-allergic dog sick, but the answer to this question is unfortunately no.

What causes dog fever allergies

Dog allergies are caused by the feathers of dogs. So there is no anti-allergic dog sick, but there are less feathered dog breeds and these dog breeds are almost uncomfortable with allergic people. Especially short-haired dogs are a very good choice for those with dog allergies.

Healthy dog ​​does not have too much feather

It is worth pointing out; The healthy dog ​​does not pour much feather. In other words, in addition to being short or long hairy, the general health condition of the dog also has an important effect on the amount of moulting. Dogs fed properly and regularly scanned will not have the problem of excessive moulting except during seasons of change. So the anti-allergic dog does not have syrup but dog breeds with short hairy and less feathered breasts can become as harmless as anti-allergic dog syrup with proper nutrition, care and regular screen

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