Dog Leash – Collar Training


When you decide to buy yourself a new friend, a puppy on behalf of a new friend, it is one of the first and most important issues that both you and your new friend should learn. Put on a leash. Dog trims should start to be used from the day your friend first came to your house.

Of course, while training your dog, you need to choose the best for your dog among dog leashes. You should be sure that your dog does not get tired, that it does not feel heavy to him.

When training your dog for the first time, your dog is busy; Ie you should start eating or playing. When your dog is busy, you will start by attracting less attention, collecting his interest totally on his collapse. In the meantime, if your dog tries to remove the carpet, do not interfere and wait for your dog to calm down and forget the carpet. You do not need to be busted while waiting for it to calm down. After all, dog breeding is the first time in your dog’s life. Once you have calmed your dog, you can remove the carpet. There is no need to go around with a leash inside the house.

Once you have made the first step successfully, you can go to the second step. In the second step you should teach your dog to walk with you. You should attach your leash inside the house and walk left and right with you. In the first place you may need a little push, but do not hesitate to do it for your dog to walk with you, after a while your dog will be fine with dog breeds. Depending on the task, you will get used to traveling.

Let’s work to make sure that your dog is not caught up in the way that your dog is wearing when you are sure you’ve done it successfully in the second step. If you sneak up here and there while your sling is stuck, stop where you are, do not go. Make sure you understand that you can not go to one place by tugging on this. Then when you walk quietly beside him, reward him and love him.

Do not resort to punishment when you give this education. When you do something wrong, do not take care of it. Reward and rejoice in what you do. The dogs are intelligent animals. They will easily understand that you repeat what you want to say several times. However, the normal training period is about 1 week. Usually, most dogs complete the leash training within 1 week at the latest. Do not hold training sessions too long. Do it within the appropriate time frame. Try to have fun, do not squeeze your dog. Do not forget that you will not be forced to …