Why my dog follows me everywhere – discover the answer

Does your dog follow you everywhere? This behavior is very frequent in puppies and in dogs that have just arrived at a home, even if they are adults. However, we can see it in any dog, since it does not only depend on age or being in a new place. Maybe, simply, your dog will always follow you at home or go everywhere because it is a social animal, you want to be with you and look for your company.

It is normal that if our hairy does this very often we ask ourselves “why does my dog follow me everywhere?”, Especially if it is something that bothers us or makes us uncomfortable in some moments. If you want to know the detailed answer to this canine behavior, then in this article of PetOClub you will find it.



  • Your dog follows you everywhere because it is very social
  • Dogs follow us because they feel safe
  • Why my puppy follows me everywhere
  • Your dog follows you everywhere because of separation anxiety
  • How to prevent my dog from following me everywhere

Your dog follows you everywhere because it is very social

My dog ​​follows me everywhere at home and away, why?” Given this frequent doubt, the first thing we have to consider is that dogs are social animals, in fact, it is one of the most sociable species in the world. Day by day they show us that they like to spend time with other dogs, as well as with other animals and with us. In addition, from the domestication of dogs, humans have caused, through selection in breeding, certain physical and character traits are enhanced, such as a pleasant, patient and friendly character that seeks to socialize with ease.

Thus, one of the main reasons why a dog follows its human companions everywhere is its own sociable character, which makes it look for our attention and affection. Sometimes, we can appreciate that they also do it with some other animal companion that lives in the same house, like another dog or a cat, because they simply want to interact and have the facility to do it with practically anyone. There are also cases in which the dog has this behavior only towards humans or especially towards people and much less with other animals, whether of their kind or not.

We must also bear in mind that, our hairy, can follow us because he is bored and is interested in seeing what we do and entertain. Also, you may be hungry, thirsty or something uncomfortable or bothers you and look for some food or let us know that you are not well.

Dogs follow us because they feel safe

In many occasions this canine behavior is due to the fact that we provide security to our dog and, therefore, it follows us, something that we will notice very increased in times when there is something of fear, for example if it is afraid of firecrackers or loud noises. Also, if we take him to new places or that he knows little we will see this reaction, since we are his known reference and he knows that he is safe with us.

Thus, dogs tend to follow those people who ensure they have covered needs, from food to security and love. As soon as they know who gives them these benefits, they immediately become their shadow, both to receive and to offer that person all the love, company and even protection they can offer.

Why my puppy follows me everywhere

If you have a puppy, surely you have noticed a lot of this behavior, something that also occurs in an adult can that has just arrived at a new house. As we have said, for them, just as it can happen to us, being in a new place and without anyone known so far is a somewhat strange situation, and may be uncomfortable.

For this reason, the instinct of these animals and their confident and social nature leads them to identify someone that will generate confidence and provide them with security while they adapt. Thus, always follow someone is something that can stop doing, or reduce considerably, to take some time at home and get used.

Your dog follows you everywhere because of separation anxiety

There are cases in which going behind a person or a few, for example the family, can be a symptom that behind there is a problem. Aside from being able to get your attention if you feel unwell, in which case it will be a behavior you do not have frequently, you may have what is known as separation anxiety.

This problem occurs when the dog has a hyper-attachment to his human partner. This causes that as soon as the dog loses sight of it for a while, when it separates even for a few minutes, it awakens in him insecurity and alertness. Therefore, he suffers stress, anxiety, nervousness and tachycardia, barks very loudly and constantly, tries to escape and breaks everything he finds, to try to leave in search of his human companion.

What to do if my dog has separation anxiety

The best way is to consult your veterinarian about your case, as you can tell them what is best to do and rule out that there is no disease behind this behavior, and if so, I would tell you how to treat it. However, if the indications of the veterinarian are not enough for your hairy to stop having this problem, we recommend that you go to a specialist in canine behavior or ethologist.

How to prevent my dog ​​from following me everywhere

Now that you know the answer to your question “why does my dog ​​always follow me everywhere?”, We tell you what you should do to avoid this behavior at times when you find it uncomfortable:

  • Take into account their basic needs, try not to miss food, water and not be bad.
  • Make sure that your dog knows basic commands such as sitting still and sit down, because they will help you to keep you from following you so often or stop doing it.
    When you teach or ask him to perform these simple commands, do it with positive reinforcement. That is, be patient and reward her every time she does it well, never punish her or yell at her.
  • Think that it is not advisable that you deny him this behavior at all, since part of him being sociable. Allow me to spend some time with you, not only following you, but in those that you play with him and also teach him some new things, to stimulate his mind and allow him to spend energy.
  • Encourage him to play with other pets and people and congratulate him when he does, especially if he does it on his own.
  • If it is the only animal that you have in your home, think about welcoming another person who can get along with the one you already have as a companion. As we have indicated, interacting with other animals will make it easier for you to reduce your dependence on you.
  • Make sure it is not usually boring and enriches your environment.

This article is merely informative, in a PetOClub we do not have the power to prescribe any veterinary treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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