Depression in the Cats

Depression in the Cats

Our cute friends are very emotional and vulnerable, and they are greatly influenced by their surroundings. It is these delicate structures that cause depression in cats. This can happen with the triggering of different factors in the keds.

Depression in cats

Although the voices talk about how they feel bad, some of the non-routine behaviors they exhibit will provide us with a sense that the cattle is a problem. Depression in cats are the following;

  • Desire to escape, timid behavior, fear
  • Excessive self-licking and resulting in injury to some areas
  • Tendency to hide
  • Overeating or loss of appetite (vomiting after overeating can also be seen)
  • Licking around

The pussy can get depressed depending on many pains

There is no evidence that depression is in the Kedis for the following reason. However, the kedes are very dependent on their location, and many factors can cause the cats to enter the depression, such as space changes such as moving, another animal coming home, and shortcomings in socialization. Depression in cats also often brings skin diseases. For this reason, veterinarians often have psychological reasons for skin problems, if there is no physical reason in the cat that comes to them. Psychological dermatitis, which is one of the common skin diseases in the pediatrics, is a skin disease caused by depression as it is understood from its name.

It is important that cat owners are patient

First of all, it is sometimes necessary to treat depression in cats. In this period, cats are indispensable for the patience of their owners and for their love and compassion to their cat to return to the old joyful days of the cat. It may also be that the cat owner is suffering from a difficult period because the cat is very impressed with everything that is happening around him, so the cat enters the depression. In short, the fact that the cat we live with is good depends on the fact that we are good. When life becomes normal, the conditions that make the cat uneasy fall away, the cat will return from normal depression to normal life.

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