Chihuahua Gender And Features


Chihuahua Gender And Features

The dogs are one of the most loyal friends of the people since the first day of their domestication. With the acceleration of urbanization, people are forced to live in cities and apartments, but their cute friends never give up. However, they tend to choose small dog breeds that are more suitable for city and apartment life as friends. Perhaps because of this, one of the world’s smallest dog breeds, chihuahua, is among the dogs that people prefer to live together.

Physical properties of Chihuahua

Of course, the most striking physical feature of Chihuahua dogs is its size. These Mexican racial dogs, from the Chihuahua region of the famous Aztec province of Mexico, weigh between 0.5 and 2.7 kg, are very lightweight dogs. The tongue can reach up to 13cm from the floor to the shoulder. We all know that Mexico is a hot country, so chihuahua is also a warm climate dog and does not like the cold at all. They can be in various colors; brown and white are the most common colors. The ears are big and erect, and the eyes are great as well.

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Chihuahua character

These tiny dogs are known to their owners and even to their unshakable commitment to the whole family. At the same time Chihuahua has a very jealous character. Especially, he does not like sharing his owner with anyone, and he can punish the slightest reverse move against his owner in an unexpected way due to his agile structure. So chihuahua your friends are useful to be careful while making your hand joke 🙂

Chihuahualar is also very intelligent at the same time. However, the loudness encountered in many small dog breeds and aggression against other animals are also common problems in chihuahua. For this reason it is very important that the chihuahuas are socialized from the offspring in order not to have an aggressive grip on other animals, especially the dog.

Chihuahua care

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the chihuahua is a warm climate dog and must be protected from cold. It is one of the most effective ways to dress these tiny dogs in cold weather to wear woolen dresses so that they do not get sick. It is more accurate to choose to brush these racoon dogs rather than dismantle them too often. Not too often, and it is not a problem to wash it with care to ensure that water does not escape to your eyes and ears.

One of the most common mistakes Chihuahua owners make is to keep their dogs in their arms. Yes, the chihuahua is a tiny dog and it is easy to carry on the lap, but remember that, like every animal, these dogs also need to exercise. So it is not right to carry chihuahua breed dogs all the time, it has to be carried out absolutely.