What are the best fish to clean my aquarium

Extreme hygiene and cleanliness of the aquarium is essential to keep it always in good condition and, most importantly, ensure that the fish live and grow healthy. Many are the options to clean a fish tank but, without a doubt, among all of them the most effective and natural is to do it through the same fish. Do you want to know how? Well, in the next article of petoclub.com we explain which are the best fish to clean your aquarium, so you will know which species you should select for this task.

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Steps to follow:

The Clownfish is a species widely used to maintain good hygiene in the aquarium, and is usually used as cleaner. With it, the cleaning is assured and, in addition, allows to finish with those snails that are born among the decorative elements and beautify the fish tank with its striking and radiant colors. It is ideal for freshwater aquariums.

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The Catfish is one of the most used species for tropical aquariums. They are very efficient cleaning the aquarium, as they go all over the bottom looking for any food residue destroying everything except that food that is in a state of decomposition.

The Hypostomus Plecostomus (more commonly known as ‘plecos’) is a variation of the Catfish, which also helps in cleaning the bottom of the aquarium, especially by eating and devouring all the algae it finds in its path. This activity is carried out during the night, because during the day this type of fish needs to take refuge and, in addition, it must be taken into account that it is a species of considerable size, so it will be necessary to have enough space to swim and grow properly. Thus, it is advisable to include this fish only in large aquariums.

Now that you know which are the best fish to clean the aquarium and keep it always impeccable, it is important that, at the time of acquiring them, you do it in specialized stores, this way you will avoid that they provide you other species and that they do not work as cleaners. Also, try to always ask for the help of a professional, since you must be careful when introducing this type of fish in your aquarium. They are incompatible with other fish and could end up killing each other.

All of them are very special fish because of their particular appearance and beauty, somewhat different from any other type of fish. Their colors, stripes and whiskers make these species that will adorn your aquarium, in addition to keeping it clean.

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