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The fish we feed in our homes benefit us both visually and healthily. The beauty of the aquarium and the sound of the water can bring us peace and quiet. Apart from this psychological benefit, it is known that the aquarium also has air purifying capability by reducing the humidity in the room. How is the aquarium cleaning process so beneficial and peaceful? We will give you some information about the deep cleaning of your aquarium.

Because of the presence of water in the aquariums, the color of the fish, the flesh of the fish, can be contaminated by algae. This pollution is not good for fish. It has been observed that fish in a clean aquarium are more mobile than fish in a dirty aquarium.

Let’s talk about how to clean an aquarium

Aquarium Cleaning

How to Clean the Aquarium Glass? Aquarium Cleaning Glass Cleaning

Pollution in the aquarium glass is usually caused by algae as mentioned above. Algae formation is more common in an aquarium close to cama. In an aquarium that receives sunlight, there may be more and faster algae growth due to heat. Vatos fish can help you with glass cleaning in your aquarium.

Mechanical apparatuses are sold to clean glass from mosses in a glass. You can also do it with them or with special medicines.

To clean the aquarium glass except these;

  • You can use the long sponge and glass cleaning kits produced for the aquarium glass. Thanks to these sponges, you can drip beautifully without drawing the glasses.
  • You can use the ready-to-sell magnet cleaner. You can remove the glass by directing one side to the inner glass of the aquarium and the other side to the outside of the aquarium. It can be used at a depth of 70 cm. When it goes too deep, the magnetism disappears. So in deep aquariums, you can use the sponges we wrote in the previous article.
  • The use of razor blades is not recommended by us. With a little misunderstanding, you can draw the aquarium glass. A razor can be used if he glass has lime but you can clean it within 1 month at the latest to prevent the formation of lime.

How to Clean Aquarium Water?

Three days of resting water should be used while the aquarium is changing water. This is an important element for your fish in terms of health.
The water should not be completely drained while the aquarium water is being cleaned. You should drain 70% of the water. You should keep the fish in the water that you have taken from the aquarium, not in a different water. If the water is totally changed 100%, your fish can cause strase penetration. At the end of this stress your fish can die.
Again, you must pour slowly while filling the aquarium water. Your fish are freaky.

How to Clean the Aquarium Bottom?

Aquarium Cleaning 2

  • Bottom sweeps can be used for bottom cleaning. You can choose between automatic or manual ones. The sweeping one should be at the bottom of the aquarium and the other should be at the bottom of the outside pollution. If you clean the dibini beautifully, it will also benefit the general cleanliness of the aquarium.
  • In your dishwasher, you can clean the decorative objects in the aquarium. It is recommended that you do not throw your machine on small pieces.
  • Small stones etc. You can wash it with your hands.

How to Clean Aquarium Filter?

  • The aquarium filters vary in size and shape of your aquarium. Before cleaning, you can remove the parts of your filter.
  • You can thoroughly wash the parts of your filter under the fountain.
  • You can use the water you use when cleaning the sponge while cleaning the sponge. If you wash it under the tap, beneficial bacteria can die, it can be harmful to your fishes’ health.
  • When cleaning the external filter, you can wash the mechanical parts under the tap. In the inner filter you can use the water in the bottom cleaning as we have just mentioned.
  • It may be beneficial for your fish to change the external filtration sponge regularly.


  • You should never use detergent and chemicals in the cleaning of the aquarium.
  • Regular aquarium cleaning is very useful in terms of your fish. Not to clean. It can negatively affect the health of your fish.
    You should not put your fish in a strase.

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